What can I teach my students?

Additional resources

Our vision

We are now working to provide free support and resources for educators to teach engaging, fun, and interactive lessons. We want to defeat the myths that teaching STEAM is expensive, extra, and advanced.

  • Our lessons are free, and many are free to implement. Joining us for our regular flights is free.
  • Our modular lessons can be taught with current standard curriculum.
  • Our lessons are designed for the novice, requiring little to no initial experience.

If you have comments or inquiries about our lessons, please contact us at contact@HAB.education

How much does it cost to implement lessons and launch a balloon?

  • It will be free to implement any of our provided lessons.
  • It will cost about $800 to launch your first balloon with your own payload.
  • Provided the payload is retrieved, subsequent launches will cost $200-$400 each.
  • You can follow our launches from Missouri and Illinois online for free. If you are nearby, you can bring your students to the event. Please contact us for an arrangement.
  • Details and breakdown of cost.

What do I need to know about safety and regulations?

Learn more about US FAA rules for Part 101 that includes HABs.

How do I make a Trackuino?

Check out our page on how to make your own Trackuino.

Join our educational team

Like you, we are always searching for better ways to teach. Also, follow and contribute to our discussion here.