How to build your own robust tracker.

The following instructions are for users in the US that can rely on amateur radio’s Automated Packet Reporting System to track their HABs. You will need someone with an amateur radio license and call sign to use this system. Please learn more about amateur radio and how it can help you with many aspects of high altitude ballooning! The technician license will offer you entry to APRS and requires minor effort for a big reward! If you can understand how to download and order your parts from Javi Martin’s Trackuino build on GitHub, go for it! Here, we have tried to simplify the build process.

Order your parts

  • First, see our spreadsheet listing parts, associated costs, and links here
  • Order your printed circuit board here.
  • Order most of your parts that you will solder mount onto your printed circuit board here.
  • In addition to your board and surface mount parts, you will need a GPS antenna, GPS chip, VHF (Very High Frequency radio band) transmitter, a VHF antenna, a genuine arduino with programming cable, a pack of eight lithium batteries and holder with barrel jack to plug into your trackuino. Please see the spreadsheet for links to these items.

Watch a video to learn how to assemble your parts.

  • Check out this video and/or this video demonstrating how to assemble your hardware.

Program your device.

We are working on a tutorial to program your amateur radio call sign and set your transmission time. See the Trackuino information on GitHub in the meantime.